Circle the Date

At Circle the Date we aim to provide a personal and exquisite service where we not only endeavour to plan the wedding/ event to upmost detail, we also aim to provide advice when necessary to help with the process. 

We will give you daily and weekly consultations to keep you in the frame while allowing couples to retain creative control of their wedding day, offering helpful advice and assistance wherever needed throughout planning. 

Lauran Chilton - Event Planner

I studied my Wedding Planning course in the city of London and I loved every moment of it, I also had a part time job in a Bridal Shop in Essex so I have some experience with the most exciting part of the big day which is the dress.

I also have my degree in Business Management which was a challenging part of my life however my wedding/ event planning business was always in the back of my mind. 

Being a part of the bridal industry has always been something I have been passionate about thus creating Circle the Date. We are flexible and its easy to get in touch with us.



Phone: 07555 278 818 | (01670) 459 569